Philip Ross Monro – Painter & Underwater Photographer Extraordinaire – MODE Jan/Feb 2012

By Alexander Michaels
Photography By Alisa Rauner

I was first introduced to the affable Philip Ross Munro by the also very talented photographer Natasha Kertes in 2011. The late night visit to his gallery/warehouse/art-workshop in Miami was a most enjoyable event, not only because of the incredible range of work on display and the history behind each piece, but more so because of the welcoming nature and constant smile on the face of this really nice man.
A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, Philip also has a background in Engineering from McGill University in Montreal and in Digital Media from City College in San Francisco.

Philip Ross Munro - Mode Lifestyle Magazine Profile Jan/Feb 2012

Philip Ross Munro - Mode Lifestyle Magazine Profile Jan/Feb 2012

In most countries he is better known as an accomplished painter, however, in Miami, where he generally resides, he is most noted for his photography of underwater figures. It is during the last twenty years of an over thirty year career that Munro has been shooting underwater images in natural bodies of water; often in uncontrollable situations, and working with everyday people instead of professional models. His work is like a study of the human form in its most elegant, sensual and beautiful state, underwater, and yet each image has a strength, a vitality that seems to pull you to it. Should you ever meet with Philip or go to one of his galleries ask him about a certain portrait he did long ago that he showed me of a tenaciously strong and strikingly beautiful woman. That one was definitely a treat.

Philip Ross Munro is represented in America by Tulla Booth Gallery in Sag Harbor NY, Tumblety Howell in Ocean Grove New Jersey, Aldo Castillo Gallery, Naples and Kavachnina Contemporary in Miami.

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