Actress Athina Klioumi de Marturet Lands a Major Role In The Movie “In The Mode”

Beautiful German born actress Athina Klioumi de Marturet has joined the cast of “In The MODE” in the upcoming Alexander Michaels feature film that starts shooting July 2012 in Miami.

Actress Athina In the Movie "In The Mode"

Actress Athina In the Movie "In The Mode"


Athina was born in Berlin-Germany of Greek descent and then lived five years of her childhood in Egypt. She has lived most recently in Venezuela where she is currently filming a feature film. Her husband Eduardo Marturet is a celebrated conductor for the Miami Symphony Orchestra so they are frequently in the US. “Living in Egypt for 5 years from age 12 – 17 shaped me a lot. I learned how to bellydance, practice martial arts and ride horses in the dessert. I also did my first TV commercials there and my first beauty contest,” said Athina. Her modeling highlights include winning the prize for “The Most Beautiful Face In The World” in a 1989 model Pageant in Miami where she represented Venezuela.

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