Philip Ross Monro – Painter & Underwater Photographer Extraordinaire – MODE Jan/Feb 2012

By Alexander Michaels
Photography By Alisa Rauner

I was first introduced to the affable Philip Ross Munro by the also very talented photographer Natasha Kertes in 2011. The late night visit to his gallery/warehouse/art-workshop in Miami was a most enjoyable event, not only because of the incredible range of work on display and the history behind each piece, but more so because of the welcoming nature and constant smile on the face of this really nice man.
A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, Philip also has a background in Engineering from McGill University in Montreal and in Digital Media from City College in San Francisco.

Philip Ross Munro - Mode Lifestyle Magazine Profile Jan/Feb 2012

Philip Ross Munro - Mode Lifestyle Magazine Profile Jan/Feb 2012

In most countries he is better known as an accomplished painter, however, in Miami, where he generally resides, he is most noted for his photography of underwater figures. It is during the last twenty years of an over thirty year career that Munro has been shooting underwater images in natural bodies of water; often in uncontrollable situations, and working with everyday people instead of professional models. His work is like a study of the human form in its most elegant, sensual and beautiful state, underwater, and yet each image has a strength, a vitality that seems to pull you to it. Should you ever meet with Philip or go to one of his galleries ask him about a certain portrait he did long ago that he showed me of a tenaciously strong and strikingly beautiful woman. That one was definitely a treat.

Philip Ross Munro is represented in America by Tulla Booth Gallery in Sag Harbor NY, Tumblety Howell in Ocean Grove New Jersey, Aldo Castillo Gallery, Naples and Kavachnina Contemporary in Miami.

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THOMAS KRAMER – Global Networker, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist


By Sarah Curtis
Photography By MODE Studio

Thomas Kramer’s larger than life persona has always made him a good candidate for interviews. So of course sooner or later the MODE team had to do an interview of this entrepreneur that has had such an impact on Miami luxury building development.

MODE Interviews Thomas Kramer at His 5 Star Island Office - Jan/Feb2012

MODE Interviews Thomas Kramer at His 5 Star Island Office - Jan/Feb2012

Thomas Kramer (nicknamed TK by his family and friends) was born in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). His father Willi Kramer, a successful stock trader, was TK’s greatest idol and his mother, Ingeborg, his biggest fan. Thomas has two younger siblings, Sylke and Olaf. As the oldest son, TK naturally always took care of each family member and quickly became the social leader, especially when things didn’t go very well! He studied at the Bad Soden Elementary School and later at the Eichwald Secondary School, also in Bad Soden.

MODE Interviews Thomas Kramer - Properties He has Helped Develop - Jan/Feb2012

MODE Interviews Thomas Kramer - Properties He has Helped Develop - Jan/Feb2012


At the age of 13, TK earned his first taste of money by publishing the school newspaper “ACTION 72” which he credits with triggering his interest in politics. At 14, he ran for the board of the political party “Junge Union Hessen”. TK’s parents saw his political activities as potentially dangerous (thanks to the then politically turbulent times) and decided to send their son to the “Elite Boarding School Schloß Salem” (or Schloss Salem) – for the good of the family and the peace of the republic!
At the boarding school in Salem, TK looked for new areas of interest, as his “red enemy” was gone from his immediate environment (80% of the students in Salem were center-right oriented!). During a school project, he became fascinated by the fact that so much money could be earned by the simple rise and fall of shares in the stock market. Thus, he began to invest his money in stock options and futures, following the advice of his dreams, and quickly increased his wealth beyond his imaginations.

His first TRADING OFFICE was the only public call box at the boarding school in Salem and he spent his breaks there calling in stock exchange orders. As a result of this forage into entrepreneurship TK made his first million D-marks at the age of 17! After completing his schooling, TK studied at the Johann von Goethe University in Frankfurt and later at the Harvard University in Boston.

MODE - Thomas Kramer and Alexander Michaels at His office In 5 Star Island - Jan/Feb2012

MODE - Thomas Kramer and Alexander Michaels at His office In 5 Star Island - Jan/Feb2012


Following his father’s example of success as a stock trader and with his help, at the age of 18, TK moved from Boston to New York and traded on stock exchanges across the world! At the beginning of the 1980’s, he worked as a trader sharing an office on the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center with Shearson American Express who did his clearings. Over the next few years TK watched how the southern tip of Manhattan gradually expanded and grew out of landfill and skyscrapers seemingly sprouted from nowhere. Today this new district is known as “Battery Park Plaza” and it became a major milestone in TK’s future!

In 1985, he moved to Munich, following his then girlfriend Alexandra von Rehlingen. In 1987, TK correctly predicted one of the biggest stock market crashes of all time months before it actually happened and became one of the super-rich and famous overnight. After the end of his relationship with Alexandra, TK met his future wife, Catherine Burda, and married her in 1989.

In 1990 TK made his formal entry into the real estate market. Searching for a super-apartment in New York, he inevitably encountered the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. He disliked what he described as Trump’s small kitchens, closets and showers, even in the 10-million-dollar penthouse. TK expressed his dislike to the real estate agent who immediately called “The Donald” for help. Donald Trump tried to explain to TK why it was impossible to sell these ideas to an average consumer. TK was impressed by Trump even though they disagreed, and they soon became friends, and competitors.

During a vacation in Miami Beach, TK took a helicopter ride over South Beach on New Year’s Eve 1991/1992 and, quite out of the blue, was struck by a stunning vision of the future. That vision was to create a New York’s Battery Plaza on the southern tip of Miami Beach where the inauguration of the original city of Miami Beach took place in 1913 with it’s northern border, 5th street. Within weeks he had moved to Miami and, as is often said, the rest is now history. The realization of his vision would lead to the lasting legacy for which TK is well known.

The TK Towers of South Pointe:
– Portofino
– Apogee
– Murano
– Murano Grande
– Icon
– Yacht Club
– Continuum Towers

At the same time, TK created the exclusive Star Island community out of Miami Beach’s former garbage dump. TK’s crown jewel was the creation of his private residence “5 Star Island”. Following the path his vision had laid out for him he also invested in numerous restaurants and clubs throughout Miami Beach and became the founding investor of the world famous Ocean Drive Magazine.

In 1992 TK’s daughter Joya was born. Joya moved to 5 Star Island in spring 2011, after completing her schooling in Aiglon, Switzerland. From 2011 Joya has continued her studies in Miami and at the same time stars with her father in their own US reality TV show.

All has not been roses though for the real estate mogul. In 1995 he wife Catherine divorced him and everything seemed to go downhill from there for almost 10 years. After his “Total Burnout” TK conducted a “Self-Cleansing” program and stopped drinking alcohol. His goal was to transform himself into the man that he felt he really was.

TK is a noted philanthropist and the Thomas Kramer Foundation has supported many local and international charities donating millions of dollars to aid organizations such as: Make-A-Wish, Kristi House or Red Cross. He often donates the use of his Star Island estate for charity events like the “Give a Lift for Paralysis Benefit” gala, hosted by Paris & Nicky Hilton.

Today, he is a global networker with over 100,000 friends and fans on Facebook, and 110,000 Twitter followers. He has set up a new real estate brokerage firm, “TK Global Realty,” that focuses on high-end properties. He is also currently in the planning stages of a big international real estate project and has launched TK’s Miami App, a leading concierge service. He keeps healthy by going on bicycle-tours with friends, gym workouts in his own fitness-center, paddle boarding in summer and skiing in winter. In his leisure time, TK spends a lot of time in his big kitchen at 5 Star Island, where he loves to cook for family and friends.

Thomas Kramer is definitely one of those characters with a strong personality that often lands him in trouble. But at least one thing’s for sure, no one can deny that he has not led a boring life and that he has definitely had a big influence on the look of the new South Beach.

* Miami Beach Police Athletic League (1992 & 1995)
* Miami Beach Development Corporation (January 1993)
* The City of Miami Beach Appreciation Award (February 1993)
* Miami Beach Police Department Appreciation Award (March 1994)
* South Beach Latin Chamber of Commerce (October 1995 & 1996)
* Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Trustee Membership (1996)
* Lincoln Theatre Appreciation Award (1997-1998)
* Association for Retarded Citizens (2002)
* Metropolitan Dade County Appreciation Award, Golden Key to the City (2002)

* “The Man Who Made South Pointe” – Ocean Drive Magazine, January 1999
* “A Changing Portfolio” – The Miami Herald, 28th November 2000
* “Kramer Profits Big” – The Daily Business Review, 18th July 2001
* “No Party Rentals in Miami Beach? Really?” – New York Times, 5th April 2011
* “Visionary or Villain?” – Sun Post, 26th May 2011
* “Scheingefechte” – SüddeutscheZeitung, 9th July 2011

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The MODE Styling Team Helps Katrin Regain Her Style and Beauty

“SOS! Help My MOM”
It’s 2012 – Transform Yourself
Photographer: Angel Popov
Styling: Olga Zharinova
Makeup Artist: Taryll Atkins
Hair Stylist: Miranda Roberto
Model: Katrin
Location: Acqualina Hair & Nail Salon – Sunny Isles Beach

 In the January/February 2012 edition of Mode Lifestyle Magazine’s “Style Transformation” the MODE team transforms the image of a woman who had spent so much time working on developing her business and providing for her family that she forgot what it meant to spend time on herself.

Katrina Transformed - MODE Style Transformation Mar/Apr 2012

Katrina Transformed - MODE Style Transformation Jan/Feb 2012

My name is Katrin. I would normally never write a letter to the editor of a magazine, especially a fashion and lifestyle magazine such as MODE, if it weren’t for my youngest son asking me to do so. He gave an ultimatum: ”If you won’t write, then I’ll draw a picture of you and send it to MODE’s ‘Style Transformation’ with a note on the envelope saying; ‘MODE-HELP my MOM.’”

Later I realized that he had read from some papers I had on my desk about the magazine inviting applicants that want a complete image transformation to write in for a chance to be chosen for a special styling feature. MODE would choose one person from the reader letters and put together a team of stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists to give them a complete style makeover for the New Year. All they had to do was write a simple story about themselves and why they needed help.

Let me start by saying that things have not always been this way for me; I was once a very confident and outgoing woman. Our family lived a very comfortable life of wealth and we were very happy. I have a master’s degree in economics and together with my husband we had our own successful business. So we had everything we wanted or needed.

Katrina "It's Time To Change" - MODE Style Transformation Mar/Apr 2012

Olga Zharinova (Features Director of MODE) To Katrina: "It's Time To Change" - MODE Style Transformation Jan/Feb 2012


Katrina - Transformational Process - MODE Style Transformation Jan/Feb 2012

Katrina - Transformational Process - MODE Style Transformation Jan/Feb 2012

But one day, almost without warning, a very unlucky streak of heavy troubles began in my life. I would never have imagined that one day we would pack our suitcases and the whole family, my husband, our two children, our retired parents, and me would have to leave our country forever. So with high hopes and faith in the American Dream we moved to the United States.

We were determined to make a go of it and to start our new life quickly. We rented a beautiful apartment with ocean view and my husband gifted me my favorite car, a Porsche Cayenne. Soon we discovered an interesting business that looked promising with potential for a good income so we decided to invest all our money in it and start work…

Everything seemed to be going well until the economic crisis begun in the US. In 2008 it destroyed everything we had made in this country, it exploded our business and we lost all our money. From being wealthy people we became bankrupts overnight!

This is when the really dark times started. I had a horrible depression and loss of sleep. Most of the time I would sit in my room absolutely lost and had no idea what to do. Time was running out, we couldn’t find a way out of the situation, and even money for food almost finished. I understood then that I should find some work, any work, and as fast as possible. So leaving my pride behind I got myself work as a maid in a very friendly large Jewish family. What I did all day long was washing, cleaning and cooking. It would have been impossible for me to imagine that I would be working as a maid to make some money simply to feed my family. But life is life!

One day after shopping for some house cleaning stuff I drove to work in my car, which was still the Porsche Cayenne. You see, we could not sell it. My mistress saw me. She was really surprised with my car and said that for a long time she had wanted that same car! After that she added, “You are our maid.”

That was when I started crying. I told her everything, my whole story. Right there and then I promised myself that I would change my life, everything, very soon.

As time went on, we made new friends and the right contacts appeared in our lives. I was able to overcome my depression and together with my husband opened a travel agency. In the beginning everything was moving slowly. We were working hard from morning to night, and night to morning. But all that effort and time we spent was worth it and right now I am the happy owner of a successful travel agency in Florida!

I found stability in life, I was proud of what we had achieved, I was proud of myself. But one day my little son came to me and asked, “Mom, what happened to you? Look in the mirror.” I did, and he was right. What I saw staring right back at me from the mirror was a woman who didn’t care about herself and hadn’t time for herself, who absolutely lost her style, and whose hair was horribly bleached and greenish. I looked 20 years older than I was and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to change my look!

So under pressure from the son, I wrote to MODE. I allowed him to write on the envelope: “SOS-HELP MY MOM”. I told him that probably nobody would read it!
A few weeks passed and I received a call from OLGA, The Features Director of Mode, she said that the team was waiting for me and said, “Katrin, it is time to change!” With great fear and my heart beating so hard I almost fainted several times at the beginning I went to the style transformation day at Acqualina Hair & Nail Salon and let the MODE team do their work on me.

As the transformation progressed and as I looked in the mirror each time I did not recognize the woman that was staring back at me. The difference though, was that this time I saw a beautiful, confident and smiling woman. I did not even know that I had such big blue eyes. And I began to feel young and happy again. I even noticed that my posture changed from between the beginning of the styling to the end when I became a new woman.

Thanks MODE, for transforming my life! My son is proud of me; he placed my photo on his cell phone and tells everybody in school that his mother has become a supermodel!!!!

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Actress and Model Athina Klioumi is on the cover of the March/April 2012 Edition of Mode Lifestyle Magazine

Athina Klioumi on Cover Mar/Apr 2012 Edition Mode Lifestyle Magazine

Athina Klioumi on Cover Mar/Apr 2012 Edition Mode Lifestyle Magazine

Mode Lifestyle Magazine’s upcoming March/April 2012 edition has on the cover model and actress Athina Klioumi. Athina was born in Berlin-Germany of Greek descent and then lived five years of her childhood in Egypt. She has lived most recently in Venezuela where she is currently filming a feature film. Her husband Eduardo Marturet is a celebrated conductor for the Miami Symphony Orchestra so they are frequently in the US. “Living in Egypt for 5 years from age 12 – 17 shaped me a lot. I learned how to bellydance, practice martial arts and ride horses in the dessert. I also did my first TV commercials there and my first beauty contest,” said Athina. Her modeling highlights include winning the prize for “The Most Beautiful Face In The World” in a 1989 model Pageant in Miami where she represented Venezuela.


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Jane D. Zimmerman, Ph.D. is Confirmed As a New Contributing Lifestyle Editor for Mode Lifestyle Magazine

Jane Zimmerman Ph.D. Joins Mode Lifestyle Magazine's Editorial team

Jane Zimmerman Ph.D. Joins Mode Lifestyle Magazine's Editorial Team

Dr. Zimmerman recently joined the expanding Mode Lifestyle Magazine editorial team and will be mainly contributing on articles focused on relationships and interpersonal communication. “We are delighted to have Dr. Zimmerman as part of our editorial team,” said Alexander Michaels, President & Editor-in-Chief of Mode Lifestyle Magazine. Alexander added, “Her addition underscores our commitment to providing our readers with even more interesting and life-improving articles.”

Dr. Zimmerman is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine. As a Clinical Psychologist, her research in self-observation and its application to everyday behavior in areas of social concern led to a Mass Media Science Fellowship awarded by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. As an NIMH Post-Doctoral Fellow, she honed her specialty as a communicator of science, health and social issues at CBS News, and obtained a position researching, writing and producing documentaries and social commentaries for Bill Moyers, Walter Cronkite, and others.

Most recently, Dr. Zimmerman served as Chief Marketing Officer for The Mount Sinai Medical Center. As Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing, for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), she initiated and led HHC’s first ever brand building and integrated multi-media advertising, marketing and press strategy for the $4.3 billion corporation, the nation’s largest municipal health system. She was also Associate Commissioner, Public Education and Community Affairs, for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene where she directed press strategy.

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